Testimonial Category: The Accursed God

I thought I knew the epic until…

I too had the same thoughts when I saw the title. I must also openly admit that I knew the epic in full but only when I started reading this book, I started feeling the truth. Please note that like most of the readers, even I have read only the generic version and not the real version – written by Ved Vyas.
I would highly recommend this book because this is an epic which is loved by all the Indians and this version wouldn’t cannot impress you.

A well-written saga of heroic deeds of a man which keeps you hooked all the time.

The best thing about the book was how the storyline moved throughout. I loved the way the characters have been portrayed. The sketches used in the beginning of some of the chapters go well with the content. The cover page also accentuates the story. The book in itself is class apart because of the knowledge that the author has about the subject at hand.