Author Interview with Ramble With AKC

Amit Kumar Chandel — a Youtube blogger, reader and traveller, interviews the author for a deeper understanding about the book, the author’s vision. The interview covers a lot of ground related to the books, about the Indian epics, about the history and fiction. Enjoy the interview and comment.

The Origin Story

Follow the video trailer to understand the motivation behind The Lost Epic! The grand journey begins with The Accursed God. The video is available both in Hindi and English.

The Legends Of Divyastra

What were the Divyastras? What made them divine? Who were allowed to wield them? Follow the legends of Divyastra in The Accursed God

Cover Reveal

Time has come you see the cover page for The Accursed God. Do let us know what you think about it. Here is the video and images.

Book Reveal #4 Paperback Sample Ready

Just wanted to share the great news. Yes! Our paperback sample is ready. Once validated the book will be soon available in the market to order. Stay tuned and enjoy the snippet of the paperback in this video.

Reveal 03 – Who else is on cover?

Time for the next installment from the book cover. Watch out the video and suggest what do you think. Do share our story at your social network. Share the story: