It’s a wonderful read for all those who love reading mythology

The accursed god by Vivek Dutta is the story of the battle of Kurukshetra that has been told and retold for ages. This book gives the reader a different perspective. Who is the Accursed god? With each chapter, you’ll join the pieces of the missing puzzle. . The saga of Mahabharata which goes far. Well, take your own time to read this book because it’s full of surprises. There are times when you’ll be amazed. . The crisp and intriguing narration is up to the point. It’s a bit heavy read but the simple and easy language makes it a bit easier for the reader. . Well, the way the book started I felt like I won’t like, but then as the story picked up, It was unstoppable. The author tried his best to make it feel lighter for the readers. . Filled with drama and dialogues, the author did a commendable job. The drama, the dialogues, The simple and lucid writing style of the author is commendable. The author successfully captures the reader’s attention keeping them hooked throughout.

Rediscover the lost epic whose origin lies in the birth of the Kurukshetra that had tasted its first blood over a hundred years before the final Mahabharat war. It’s a wonderful read for all those who love reading mythology

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