A well-written saga of heroic deeds of a man which keeps you hooked all the time.

Do you think Mahabharata was only about Pandavas and Kauravas’ ambitions?

INSIGHT: I had heard about the epic war of Mahabharata and the tussle between the Pandavas and Kauravas for the Throne, however it was only after reading this book that I got to know how it all started and what all happened in the past hundreds of years which lead to the final war. The Accursed God is the realization that there is much more to this story than we already know.

REVIEW: The Accursed God- The Lost Epic book 1, is about a warrior who stood tall against everything or everyone harming Aryavart. His journey from a warrior to a legendary God is depicted beautifully. The book’s subject matter commensurate with the name. The writing style of the author is unique and the language is lucid. The highlights of the book were the conversations between Shree Krishna and Grand Bhishma which were very beautifully written. It ended on such a note that I am really looking forward to read the second part of the book.

STRENGTH: The best thing about the book was how the storyline moved throughout. I loved the way the characters have been portrayed. The sketches used in the beginning of some of the chapters go well with the content. The cover page also accentuates the story. The book in itself is class apart because of the knowledge that the author has about the subject at hand.

TARGET READERS: I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in Hindu mythology.

AGE GROUP: Any person above the age of 15.



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